Hoppers Crossing, Victoria

Hoppers is Hoppers Crossing, the Warriors, a strong club in the Western Region Football League in Melbourne.

Potswoo is a mythical football team apparently located quite near Spotswood, the Woodsmen, another strong club in the WRFL.

Potswoo got a foul (and I use the word carefully and deliberately) spray from their coach at quarter-time, so much so that I walked away after two minutes.

Hoppers’ coaching box is, at a guess, their previous scoreboard. Built to last, the coaching box faces east, whereas the visiting coaches’ are looks directly into the western setting sun.

First prize in Hoppers’ big raffle this year is a jetski (far left). Say no more.

Still, there was salvation in the sight of the little scoreboard on the smaller oval.


Potswoo (green and gold) in action on the backline.

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