Newport, Victoria

This is the story of two scoreboards.

Above is one of the first scoreboard photos I took, back in 2009. The Newport-Digman Cricket Club was a tenant of the ground but the old Newport footy club had lost its way.

The plain, basic scoreboard seemed to reflect the hard times.

In more recent years, though, the ground has had a resurgence, largely due to the energy and motivation of local residents, including the Lebanese community and the philanthropic Martyn family (which includes North Melbourne premiership player Mickey).

First there was Auskick, then a junior footy club started up (Newport Power) and then a senior club (also Newport Power, which won the Division 3 flag in the local league a year or two ago).

There are also netball teams, plus dog walkers, families at the playgrounds, joggers. So, no shortage of activity at the Bryan Martyn Oval these days.

The second scoreboard, below, is very much on the drawing board.

It’s a step up, in more ways than one, from the 2009 scoreboard. It aims to be more than a scoreboard. It aims to ‘further activate the space and strengthen community engagement by providing additional opportunities for the community to come together’.

It may not be quite my style but there are more things to life than old-fashioned scoreboards. True-dinks.

More details about proposed Newport scoreboard.

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