SCG 1894


It almost became a victim of the iso-office clean up. An awkwardly sized 100-page magazine titled Australia Album the past in pictures. (RRP $1.50)

LRoxonThere’s no year of publication but it was edited by Ailsa Craig with proceeds going to the Lillian Roxon Asthma Research Foundation. Legendary journalist Roxon, author of Rock Encyclopedia, died after an asthma attack in New York on 10 August 1973.

Photos for the Album came from The Sydney Morning Herald and readers of Women’s Day while some, including the amazing scene that includes the scoreboard at the SCG, came from the NSW Government Printing Office.

The photo would have been taken on 15 December 1894 during the second day of the first Test between Australia and England. Griffin went on to make 201 after Gregory made 161 in Australia’s total of 586. Incredibly England won the match by 10 runs. Griffin took four wickets in each innings.


The caption in the publication reads: View from The Hill at Sydney Cricket Ground in 1894. The scoreboard shows only the number of runs scored by the batsmen. The English team, captained by H. Stoddart, won the match series.

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