Buntine, Western Australia


It’s about 220km from Wubin to Morawa – a drive that takes you from WA’s Northern Wheatbelt to the Mid-West. Once there were eight active Australian football clubs in towns along this drive – Wubin, Buntine, Maya, Latham, Perenjori, Bowgada, Koolanooka and Morawa while little Bunjil had a cricket team.

COVID-19 aside Morawa FC remains strong in the North Midlands Football League, Perenjori has merged with Carnamah and the Latham name lives on though all games with its merger partner are played at Coorow. At the other places you’ll find marvellous relics of previous sporting activity but sometimes you have to look very closely.


I pulled into Buntine with a view to inspecting the abandoned cricket pitch so it was a bonus to spot what is, admittedly, the skeleton of a footy scoreboard. The goal posts are still there too but they’ll never stand again. The pitch was a sight to behold.

Buntine had a footy team from at least the 1920s (sometimes as Wubin-Buntine) and was still part of the Dalwallinu Football Association in the late 1950s.

Abandoned Cricket Pitches


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