The Furphy scoreboard

This scoreboard features in an advertisement for Furphy Beer, about a bloke kicking a winning goal – and point – because the footy splits apart, with the leather going through the goals, and the bladder going through for a point.

Our questions are:

Is it a real scoreboard?

If so, where is it?

If not, who built it?

And what has become if it?

Is the scoreboard attendant bona-fide, or an actor, a furphy?

Our crack investigative reporting team has put these searching questions to the makers of Furphy Beer.

We’re currently awaiting their response, which may have to be signed off (or on), for all we know, by their strategic communications branch, marketing office, public relations consultant, risk management team, work-experience lad, the board, various corporate lawyers, the 2IC, the CEO….

See also:

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