SCG, 1901-02

Australia v England, 1901-02

Photos and text sourced from The Turbulent Years of Australian Cricket, 1893 – 1917 by Jack Pollard. (Angus & Robertson, 1987.)

Ned Gregory has at least two claims to cricket immortality: he made the first duck in Test cricket in 1877 and, in his role as SCG curator, he made the classic  scoreboard which stood proud for 87 years, from 1896 to 1983. A third claim is his success in using Bulli soil for the SCG pitches. This soil not only rolled out hard and fast, but had outstanding adhesive and water resistant properties. After the grateful adoption of his Bulli soil

NSW vs SA. January 1901. NSW all out 918
Ned Gregory, flanked by his sons Syd and Charles.

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