Williamstown 2022

On a cool, windy May afternoon Williamstown hangs on as Gold Coast kick with the southerly in the final quarter. It was the Seagulls’ first win this year in the 21-team ‘VFL’ competition, which seems to a be a rag-tag league comprising some old VFA clubs, some aligned clubs that are part old-VFA/part AFL clubs, and  quite a lot of AFL clubs. Guess you would call it a development league these days. Not ‘reserves’.

As for the scoreboard, it’s Williamstown’s third electronic scoreboard in ten years, since it demolished the ‘castle’ at the city end of the seaside ground. This bright little one might just be the ticket, because the other two were, to put it mildly, shockers. Dysfunctional much of the time.

Given my somewhat personal attachment to the Williamstown scoreboards, I’ve posted a few stories on this humble website over the years. Indulgence, I guess you could call it.

2011 story

2011 demolition

2012 new scoreboard

2015 cricket scoreboard

2019 reflection

1976 US Warship

Geoff’s cracking yarn

Williamstown, 2010

Williamstown, 1970s
Photo by JD

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