Beverley and the MCG, 1913

Okay, so the photo is pretty blurry, admittedly. But does the MCG scoreboard here show a game between Collingwood (7.18. 60) and a team called Beverley (5.9.39)?

The game would have been a curtain-raiser to the 1913 VFL Grand Final between St Kilda and Fitzroy, given that the St Kilda players are posing for a pre-match team photo.

Who were Beverley?

They were certainly not the WA team that formed in 1959 and plays in the Avon Football Association

They may have been the Beverly that played from 1898 to 1915 in the Victorian Amateur Football Association.

The photo is from The Point of it All, The Story of St Kilda Football Club, by Jules Feldman and Russell Holmesby. (Playwright Publishing, 1992). As fine as the book is, there is not one single photograph, within its 318 pages, of a scoreboard at the Saints’ home grounds of Junction Oval or Moorabbin.

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