Scoreboards of The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Torquay. Williamstown v Geelong, 2011.

Bolt the surfboards onto the roof racks, wind down the windows, pump up the volume on the car stereo; we’re going surfing. But if the swell’s no good we’ll check out some scoreboards. Let’s start in Torquay (home ground of a bloke called Boak) and wind our way westward. Or, if you’re not a surfer ask the grandkids if they’d like to go on a drive.


Bellbrae, 2012

Bellbrae is a hamlet halfway between Torquay and Anglesea. It’s tucked away but there’s a school, a cemetery, tennis courts, and a little footy ground. (“Poppa, I’m hungry…”)


Anglesea, 2011

Anglesea’s sports grounds are a turn-off on your left, just before you get to the main shops. (Or, for the Dangerfield family from nearby Moggs Creek, who have played at this ground over the years, a turn-off to the right just before you accelerate towards what the locals call ‘the mad mile’.)

Anglesea, cricket, 2012


Lorne, 2011

Last I glimpsed the Lorne footy ground through the trees (“Is there a playground in Lorne, Poppa? Is there a beach? An ice-cream shop?”) I think The Kambouris Family Scoreboard had gone 21st century.


Rick Dosser at Lorne, 2011


Apollo Bay, 2012


Scoreboard at Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay. Photo by Fiona Marshall. Autumn 2013

By the time you get to Apollo Bay you’ll be ready to stretch your legs. (“Poppa, I don’t think I should have had that chocolate ice-cream in Lorne…Or the strawberry milkshake…”). The Apollo Bay ground is between the caravan park and the beach.


Warrnambool, some time back. Reid Oval. Courtesy of Picture Victoria and Corangamite Regional Library.


Wet in Warrnambool


Reid Oval, Warrnambool. 2015.

Installed by Tecnovision.

“Poppa, are we there yet? How many more of these grounds? Do they have toilets? I’m busting.”


Port Fairy. Bernie Baxter and his scoreboard. Photo sourced from The Warrnambool Standard, December28, 2012


And, so, our little sojourn ends. Hopefully we can get to Portland one day. Not sure if there are any Ocean Road scoreboards after that. But we do have an Otways collection for you sometime down the road.

“Poppa, can we go home now? Please.”


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