Scoreboards of Melbourne’s west

Spotswood 1937
Altona. 2014  
Altona North, 2011
Altona East, 2020
Altona Roosters, 2014
Cocoroc, 2015
Fearon Reserve, Williamstown, 2021
Footscray, Whitten Oval. A while ago!
Old Footscray City Oval Scoreboard
Footscray, Western Oval,1940
Main scoreboard at Merv Hughes Oval
Footscray, Merv Hughes Oval, 2013
Melton, 2012
North Footscray, 2011


Rockbank, 2012
Seddon, 2012
Skinner Reserve
Skinner Reserve, Braybrook
scoreboard photo
Edwards Reserve, South Kingsville, 2012
Sunshine 2011


Werribee, 2011


Werribee South, 2011
West Newport, 2014
Williamstown, 1970s
Williamstown, 2010
Yarraville, 2019
Laverton, 2019
Spotswood 1982
Hoppers Crossing, 2018

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